Bipolar 101 Online

2017-05-07_12-42-30-0000We are putting our Bipolar 101 course online. The first portion of that 9 part course is going to be available free on our sister site, Gateway Psychiatric Services, but here is a preview of one section entitled “What is Bipolar?”

Future sections will address self care, medications, other therapies, and a host of other issues and concerns.

Foundations of Wellbeing

Foundations of WellbeingRick Hanson’s Foundations of Wellbeing online seminar is going to help many people enjoy better, richer, happier lives. As regular readers of this blog know, we very much like Rick Hanson’s books and other writings, and now he has created a wonderful online seminar.

We don’t usually make such a big deal about programs, but we think this is going to be life changing for many of our readers.

The seminar will be a year long experience taught by Rick and a stellar faculty. You will get –

  • Results that last, with more happiness, love, and ease built into your brain
  • Special benefits for therapists, educators, coaches, healthcare professionals, and human resources trainers
  • Participant-only forums with sections applying the program to particular interests, such as children, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction recovery, and spiritual practice
  • 24 continuing education credits available for psychotherapists, social workers, and nurses for only $50

Click on this link for more information –

Rick Hanson Foundations Program

And take just 5 minutes and watch this video, it will give you a real sense of what this series is all about. It is Rick Hanson’s talk at Chicago Ideas Week.

Moodsurfing Courses – Coming Soon!!!

coursesWe have been busy on the site, but not in ways that might be visible…

  • The forum has taken quite a bit of work and is likely to take more work to really get it rolling, but so far we are pleased with the positive response to the idea.
  • We have also started to develop course material for online classes on MoodSurfing. We have begun to work on a “Bipolar 101” class that covers some of the basics.
  • The plan is to develop Bipolar 101, Depression 101, and Anxiety 101… and then to work on more in depth courses.
  • All of this material will also end up in the MoodSurfing book which should be coming in early 2013.
  • Finally, we have been collecting ideas for a MoodSurfing app, but there is no definite timeline for the development of the app.