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Oct 21

New Forum

New Forum

New Forum Ask and you shall receive. A couple of our favorite subscribers finally convinced us that the former forum (hosted by Bublaa.com) was inadequate. They wanted better ability to search for posts. They wanted a better “look and feel.” After all, the forum becomes a place where people who are facing the challenges of bipolar or …

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Sep 18

New Forum is Coming

Forum Coming - Beta Test

One of our long-time forum regulars posted a number of requests that I change the forum to make it easier to use.  As a result, in a moment of enthusiasm, I created a Buddy Press forum for this site. Quick background: our forum is currently hosted by a separate website, bublaa.com.  That site handles the …

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Sep 06

Join the Forum – Getting the Most Out of MoodSurfing

Subscribe to the Blog

There are a few ways that you can get the most out of this website. Subscribe to the blog and join the forum. First, add your email address to the list of people who get notified whenever there is a new post.  You do this by entering your email address in the box on the …

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Jul 23

Many Voices

We’re very happy that there are now many more voices expressing themselves on this site. We have new authors who approach the issue of living creatively with moods from different perspectives: a professional woman with bi-polar, a psychologist expert in working with bi-polar individuals, another psychologist who is studying and fascinated by moods and their …

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May 21

Stay Involved


Stay involved! We have been hosting a much more active forum these past couple of weeks. As I replied to some posts and read others, I realized that we have some members of the forum who have not participated in quite a while. I would like to try to ensure that the membership of the forum consists of …

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Apr 26

Spring Means Change – MoodSurfing Update

Spring is in full bloom here in Northern California. Great, sunny, warm days followed by spring storms with clean crisp air and the vibrant greens of new grass and leaves.Perhaps because it is Spring, this has been a wonderful time of growth for the website. We have a record number of visitors. We recently moved the site to a much …

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Mar 05

Comments and Connections

The “forum” page seems to be generating renewed interest. This has sparked me to reevaluate how we manage all of the ways that you (the readers) interact with this site. I have never been all that happy with the “Comments” function. At the bottom of each post there is a place where you can post …

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Dec 29

Shame and Self-Disclosure

There is a lively discussion in our forum about self-disclosure. A couple of forum members are pushing the boundaries by talking honestly about their bipolar when the topic comes up in conversation. So far their experiences are largely positive. The interchange on the forum reminded me of a book I bought for my son when …

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Status update

changesSometimes you take a very long and arduous journey and end up right back where you started, only with a new appreciation for what you left behind.

This is the story of our forum… After spending many hours working with a developer to come up with a new forum for this site, and then, discovering that installing the new forum would require completely reworking the site, I put the project on hold.

Meanwhile Bublaa was at work updating their product.

So, last Thursday (January 30) we installed an update to the Bublaa forum… and temporarily we had 256 new pages which made our home page look like an advertisement for Bublaa

However this morning we solved that problem, setup the forum again, and voila we are ready to roll.

Check it out. If you have used the forum in the past we think that you will like the new process… For one thing you now get notifications when people post on the forum.

A short course on Bublaa:

  1. Our forum is hosted by Bublaa, to participate you need to create an account on Bublaa.
  2. Then search for the MoodSurfing forum on Bublaa and ask to join that forum. (I also suggest that you email me 2-2-2013 8-56-01 AMto let me know you have done so, so that I know to approve your request, send me an email at peter@moodsurfing.com). 
  3. Once you are approved got to our website and click on the Forum page and you will magically see the MoodSurfing forum. (You can’t see it until you join Bublaa because it is not an “open” forum).

For more information click on this link to a YouTube video about Bublaa. 

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