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Supercharge Your Circadian Rhythms
September 11, 2017

Why a post about how to supercharge your circadian rhythms? The fact is that for a lot of us our bodies…

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Yoga Practice Five Reasons
5 Reasons to Start a Yoga Practice – Gina
August 7, 2017

Yoga can be an incredible tool in well-being and recovery, why not check out the five reasons to start a yoga…

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Successful Job Hunting
July 14, 2017

A young man in the tech industry who worked with me for nearly a decade got me started thinking about the…

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Mood Trends
April 25, 2017

Mood trends are useful to track in order to prevent a full blown episode of depression, hypomania or mania. I…

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The Complete How to Repair Your World Toolkit
September 13, 2016

A wise woman who has had more than her share of challenges and yet has overcome them with grace, intelligence and…

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Taking Care of Yourself
November 15, 2015

Part of the key to self care is finding ways of being nice to yourself that don’t require a huge investment…

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Faith and Depression
March 21, 2015

Depression wears down our sense of trust and faith. Biologically, depression involves activating parts of the brain that search for problems….

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Foundations of Wellbeing
August 23, 2014

Rick Hanson’s Foundations of Wellbeing online seminar is going to help many people enjoy better, richer, happier lives. As regular readers…

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Getting Things Done: Four Quadrants and Setting Priorities
August 8, 2014

First Things First The process of getting well, or of gaining or regaining a greater sense of confidence and control over…

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Self-Esteem: A Key Aspect of Mental Health
July 20, 2014

Much has been written about the topic of “self-esteem.” Sometimes the idea almost seems like one of those “buzz” words that…

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Bipolar for Beginners
April 29, 2014

So you’ve just learned that you are bipolar.  If you’re like me, things in your outer world have unraveled and you…

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Looking for Volunteers Who Want to Get Better
March 2, 2014

One of my patients ran across this game and thought it might be of use. I went online and checked it…

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A Spoonful of Courage
June 20, 2013

In a previous post, I shared Linda Graham’s views on resilience from an excerpt from her article Bouncing Back :Rewiring the…

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