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Apr 25

Mood Trends

  Mood trends are useful to track in order to prevent a full blown episode of depression, hypomania or mania. I think of them as equivalent to the idea of a falling or rising barometer. Before satellites and modern weather forecasting, whether the barometer was rising or falling was the best predictor of the weather. …

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Sep 13

The Complete How to Repair Your World Toolkit

A wise woman who has had more than her share of challenges and yet has overcome them with grace, intelligence and determination, Deborahmichelle Sanders, recently published a toolkit for people who are recovering from a serious mental illness. She has kindly offered to allow us to excerpt some portions of the toolkit for readers of …

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Nov 15

Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Yourself - TED Talks

Part of the key to self care is finding ways of being nice to yourself that don’t require a huge investment of time. Yes, it would be great to spend the day at one of those fancy spas. I can almost feel the sense of relaxation soothing all of the tension that I carry around …

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Mar 21

Faith and Depression

Depression wears down our sense of trust and faith. Biologically, depression involves activating parts of the brain that search for problems. What is faith? It is an experience more than a specific belief. You can try an experiment by completing this sentence a few times (in your mind or out loud): “I have faith in …

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Aug 23

Foundations of Wellbeing

Rick Hanson’s Foundations of Wellbeing online seminar is going to help many people enjoy better, richer, happier lives. As regular readers of this blog know, we very much like Rick Hanson’s books and other writings, and now he has created a wonderful online seminar. We don’t usually make such a big deal about programs, but …

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Aug 08

Getting Things Done: Four Quadrants and Setting Priorities

First Things First The process of getting well, or of gaining or regaining a greater sense of confidence and control over your life can seem overwhelming to almost anyone. That is part of the reason for having someone who can be a guide or facilitator (a therapist or coach). On this page we talk about …

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Jul 20

Self-Esteem: A Key Aspect of Mental Health

Much has been written about the topic of “self-esteem.” Sometimes the idea almost seems like one of those “buzz” words that doesn’t really mean anything. A significant amount of research points to the development of self-esteem as a key aspect of mental health. Self-esteem builds slowly and its foundation is the sense that we are …

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Apr 29

Bipolar for Beginners

So you’ve just learned that you are bipolar.  If you’re like me, things in your outer world have unraveled and you now find yourself with a new diagnosis and (hopefully) a helpful psychiatrist. I’m going to list the ‘awarenesses’ that helped me understand how my new brain works in the hopes that these will help …

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Mar 02

Looking for Volunteers Who Want to Get Better

One of my patients ran across this game and thought it might be of use. I went online and checked it out and it seems that it could be helpful, now I wonder if I could get one or more volunteers to try it out and report back to the group. If you are interested …

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Jun 20

A Spoonful of Courage

In a previous post, I shared Linda Graham’s views on resilience from an excerpt from her article Bouncing Back :Rewiring the Brian for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being. After further reading, Graham also discusses the importance of having courage when creating a more positive outlook on life. We have the ability to experience great personal growth …

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