Luminette Light Therapy Glasses
Weak circadian rhythms, seasonal mood symptoms, and disrupted sleep and daytime fatigue are common problems for people with depression and bipolar, the Luminette light therapy glasses may be a key part of a practical strategy to counteract these problems. Light therapy (very bright light, usually in the morning) has been shown to improve seasonal and non-seasonal depression in people with unipolar and bipolar depression. And light doesn't have side effects. However getting light exposure can be a challenge for people who lead very busy lives. Many people feel they don't have time in the morning to use a therapy light. Luminette light therapy glasses allow you to get bright light while you are getting ready to start the day. The ... Read More
Stopping Medications – How and When to Do It
Most people with depression and/or bipolar think about stopping medications at one point or another. The results can be disastrous or good depending, in part, on the motivation for change and how it is done. As with any major life decision, it is best not to approach the decision with too much of a sense of urgency. If you’re feeling tremendously frustrated about how you are doing, and if you’re basic idea is that “nothing can be worse than this” so “screw it” you are just going to stop your medications... the odds of this working out well are pretty low. On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about it for a while and wondering whether a certain medication ... Read More
Raising Healthy Children
Raising healthy children is always challenging, a source of joy but also a source of anxiety. And having depression can add to the challenge. And yet many, many women that we have worked with have had successful pregnancies and raised wonderful, healthy, happy children. One key to success is paying attention to how mood can influence not only ourselves but also our family and children. Paying the right kind of attention, getting the help you need, and being optimistic that if you do so you will have the family that you want, is the key. Parents who are themselves struggling with depression and/or anxiety issues may worry about passing these issues on to their children. There are a few actions ... Read More
Morning Ritual Improves Mood
A morning ritual improves mood – For people who are trying to live creatively with moods, how the day starts can have a powerful impact. And the morning ritual is an effective way of changing that experience. Researchers have found that organized patterns of behavior (rituals) help our brains cope with uncertainty and reduce anxiety.  So if you’re not sure what is going to happen today, and if that’s a source of anxiety, you can give yourself a greater sense of control and calmness by starting the day on a familiar, carefully planned routine.  This morning ritual doesn’t have to be long, just a clear, organized pattern that you can follow so you get everything done without having to think ... Read More
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the relaxation technique that I have had the most success with, (and I have tried many of them!) - by that we mean a technique to help in the moment with stress and anxiety, as opposed to something like mindfulness meditation or another meditation technique, which works best as a regular practice that over time reduces anxiety. A clinical trial comparing Progressive Muscle Relaxation with medication for reduction of anxiety and depression in cancer patients showed that, with training, patients experienced similar results using this relaxation technique compared with those receiving anti-anxiety medication. Many people I know use these techniques every night before lying down for sleep and find that it helps them to have a much ... Read More
Cynical Hostility
Cynical hostility is a personality style of cynicism and anger mismanagement in social relationships. Sometimes called chronic anger, it is associated with mistrust and weakened social support networks. In a recent study, researchers from France and University College London looked at data from a long-term study of 3,399 British civil servants. Those in the top 25% of cynical hostility levels were over four-and- a-half times more likely to be become depressed 20 years later in the follow-up. There is some evidence to suggest that this style of coping (or not coping) with the world is increasing. Certainly levels of distrust for others are on the rise in the United States and those who seem to be the most mistrustful are also showing unprecedented reductions ... Read More

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