functional symptoms
A new website designed for people experiencing physical symptoms that are not traceable to physical disease offers clear, scientific information, and also hope for those patients who sometimes spend years in the medical system trying to get relief for pain and other symptoms only to be told that nothing is wrong. The site refers to these symptoms as "functional symptoms." As wikipedia notes, "A functional symptom is a medical symptom in an individual which is very broadly conceived as arising from a problem in nervous system 'functioning' and not due to a structural or pathologically defined disease cause." A private, no-advertising site run by Dr Jon Stone MBChB FRCP PhD, Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Reader in Neurology, University of Edinburgh, U.K., the site writes about ... Read More
Probiotics – Nancy
Probiotics may reduce re-hospitalization rates for acute mania episodes. In a small, but well-designed study researchers have found a clear effect of administration of certain strains of probiotics in reducing re-hospitalization for patients who have been hospitalized for acute mania.  The probiotics did not have an effect on mood, but there was a significant reduction of re-hospitalization for patients receiving the probiotics compared with those receiving a placebo.  Additionally, there was a reduction in the length of hospital stay for in the probiotic group among those who did require hospitalization. Why there should have been no effect on mood is odd, and is one of the reasons we await confirmation of these results before making a recommendation to try probiotics ... Read More
five year plan
Do you have a five-year plan? Are you a goal-setter or do you prefer to “muddle through”?  For some the idea of making a written life plan is a no-brainer, while for others it sounds like an idea from an alien planet. Making a plan for the future is a strategy that can help when life feels chaotic and directionless.  A five-year plan can help you take steps and get moving in a direction that you want to go.  Take a moment and think about your life.  Where are you now, and where do you want to be in five years?  For many, if not most of the readers of this blog, the plan is “learn to live well with ... Read More
App Predicts Mood in Bipolar
A new smartphone app predicts mood in bipolar according to a recent series of studies. The mobile phone app shows promise for identifying early warning signals for users of mood episodes, based on a user's keyboard behavior, such as typing speed and message length. The app does not consider the content of messages typed by users on their phones, but rather collects “metadata” about the user’s physical interface with the device. Hypothesizing that at the onset of a manic episode, typing speed will gradually increase (similar to long-standing observations of speed of talking in bipolar patients), the researchers gathered data that suggests that people in the midst of a manic episode do indeed type faster and less accurately than they ... Read More
Demi Lovato March for Our Lives
Recording artist Demi Lovato is supporting a project called Be Vocal that enables and encourages people living with mental illness to speak out and make their stories heard in the wider world.  Lovato, a platinum-selling artist who has been performing and recording since the age of ten, received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in 2010. “When I finally got diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was a relief in so many ways. It helped me start to make sense of my bipolar depression and the harmful things I was doing to cope with what I was experiencing,” she says. In a 2012 video, Beyond Silence, she describes her diagnosis and the process of finding a workable treatment plan.  A very determined ... Read More
Mediterranean Diet
Can the Mediterranean Diet work like medicine? Can food be even BETTER than medicine? Studies have consistently shown that the Mediterranean Diet, heavy in fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds has great benefits for health and weight loss, but what you may not realize is that this way of eating also shows great promise for the reduction of depression, cognitive impairment and dementia. To be healthy, our brains need their proper food, much of which is found in fish oils, and the oils found in nuts and seeds. In addition, replacing empty calories such as sugar and high-fructose corn syrup with nutrient-rich green vegetables and fruits can lift mood, increase energy, and reduce illness. Two important studies, both conducted in Australia ... Read More

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