absence of posts

Absence of Posts

Several long time followers of moodsurfing have noticed the absence of posts written by me on this site. This is not due to a lack of concern or interest. In fact, for the last three months I have been writing a workbook with Gina focused on helping people with bipolar two, cyclothymia and other bipolar disorders (not bipolar one).

Some of the material that we have created will be making its way in a different form onto this site, but the effort has consumed almost all of my creative energy for these three months.

It is also the reason why I have not yet gotten around to reviewing a wonderful book on healing from postpartum bipolar disorder which sits on an extremely short stack of deferred projects to my left as I write this blog post.

Nancy and I have been collaborating on the posts that have been showing up under her name. Most of these come from ideas that I generate, I appreciate the addition of her voice to this site, but plan on resuming my own blog post as well once the book is done.

It remains my long-term plan to write a larger book on moodsurfing. Meanwhile the experience of creating the workbook has given me a better sense of what will be involved.

I value so much the small community that we are creating on this site. There are many remarkable people who are regular readers of moodsurfing. It is an source of great satisfaction to see the growth of the community over the past year. Please keep your comments, ideas, criticisms, and observations coming.

I will be back to blog writing next month, so the absence of posts will end soon…