Apps for MoodSurfing

appsWhile you are waiting for the official MoodSurfing app, you might want to check out the recently updated “Links and Apps” page on this blog.

There I write about other websites with useful information, but also about apps for Android and iPhone that can help you create calm by adding a mindfulness practice, or track your moods, so that you and your doctor can be more effective working to manage the extreme ups and/or downs of your mood.

There has been a very active discussion on our Forum about not only which apps people like, but also how people are incorporating different apps into their daily routines. This seems like a good time to remind folks about the Forum and how you can join it.

The Forum is hosted by Which means that if you want to join the dialog you have to create a Bublaa 2014-03-15_9-54-44account. I encourage you NOT to use your real name as your user name for that account. Your user name (but not your posts) are visible on the MoodSurfing forum page.

After you have done that you should send me an email ( to let me know that you want to join the forum. Or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include a little information about yourself in your message to me – the forum is a closed forum and I want to make sure that everyone on it is there for the right reason.

At the same time that you send me your email, search on the Bublaa site for MoodSurfing and ask to join the forum. I should approve your membership within a day or so. When you do get on to the forum, post an introduction email about yourself – who you are and what you are hoping for from joining in a dialog about MoodSurfing.