Best Mental Health Apps of 2022

MoodSurfing has been tracking the burgeoning field of mental health apps for several years now, and, while we make no claim of mining the data of the whole field (who has time?), we do keep an eye on sites and media that study available apps and make recommendations.  So, with the caveat that we have not done this research ourselves, here is an update from a site called VeryWellMind[dot]com that offers an up-to-date survey and some clear reporting on recent developments in the realm of apps for mental health.

Mental health apps are programs that can be accessed by your phone or other mobile device that supply self-help information and exercises, skills training, or other helps such as mood tracking, organizing, sleep aids, coaching, and many others.  Some offer connections to trained therapists, or you can use them to send updates to a provider you identify.  Others are purely self-help, offering articles and podcasts to supplement the exercises they provide.  Some also have online communities with whom you can interact for support and friendship.

The reviewers comment that the use of apps for mental health has advantages like accessibility and convenience.  While some do have subscription charges, these are mostly affordable, and some may be covered by insurance.  Anonymity is also an advantage for many, online privacy and security can always be a concern, and these apps seem also to have been tested for trustworthiness.  They also find that the apps can help with engagement: getting you to make healthy lifestyle choices a part of your everyday experience.

The list includes twelve of the “best apps of 2022” as follows:

Best Overall: Moodfit

Best for Learning Coping Skills: MoodMission

Best for Therapy: Talkspace

Best for Stress Relief: Sanvello

Best for Meditation: Calm

Best Fun App: Happify

Best for Depression: Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Best for BIPOC: Shine

Best for Bipolar Disorder: eMoods

Best for Symptom Tracking: Bearable

Best for ADHD: Todoist

Best for PTSD: PTSD Coach

Please use the space below to share with us information about any apps that you have found useful.

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