Bipolar 101 – The Basics and Beyond

Bipolar 101, an online course hosted by Gateway Psychiatric begins March 17, 2017: Bipolar 101 – The Basics and Beyond.

The class is based on the acclaimed Barcelona Bipolar Disorders Program.

Bipolar 101 – An online course will cover topics such as:

  • “What is Bipolar?” – What do we know about the causes and what are the implications of this information.
  • How and Why to Keep Track of Mood” – Options for mood charting and why this can make such a difference in how you manage moods.
  • “Medications” – The good, the bad, and the ugly. What you need to know about medication options.
  • “Substance Use” – The latest on how substances from CBD to LSD affect bipolar. Are some of these potential treatments? We’ll look at the data.
  • “Early Detection and Prevention of Severe Mood Swings” – Strategies for preventing routine small ups and downs from turning into mood episodes.
  • “Healthy Routines” – How a certain morning routine can help you achieve more stability.
  • “Other Treatments” – Non-medication approaches to treatment.

It will be taught by Dr. Peter Forster and Gina Gregory, and will have an interactive format with plenty of opportunity to answer your questions.

The class will be offered at a nominal charge (to cover the cost of the online course hosting) of 20$, one time only.

After this, the course will be offered at a cost of 150$ for the 16 90 minute sessions.

If you are interested contact us now.