Bipolar Advantage

Another online resource that folks may appreciate is Bipolar Advantage, a program dedicated to helping people function at their highest potential during all mood states and levels.  Their trademark is changing the discussion from “Bipolar Disorder” to “Bipolar IN Order”, where the student learns to thrive during manic and depressive episodes, and to consider the advantages of their states of being.

A membership-based program, BA offers regular online courses, blog and discussion forum for a monthly fee of $19 – $29 depending on level.  This includes participation in their 8-week course called “Bipolar IN Order” as well as follow-up courses on a variety of topics.  They are also hoping to start up a You Tube channel with video programming in the near future.

Based in Sausalito, California, they include an array of experts in many fields, and provide a number of video and book resources.  If any Moodsurfing readers have experience with this group, we’d love to hear about it, in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.