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Moodsurfing has often advocated for community support building as an important component of living creatively with moods, and we are also looking carefully at the still fairly new world of online communities.  Now we have three offerings of lists of “Bipolar Bloggers” that readers may want to explore.

Reading blogs about other people’s experiences struggling with moods can be either encouraging or discouraging.  Some bloggers make an effort to emphasize positive approaches to living with mental illness, while others just use their blogs to vent about whatever the mood of the moment may be.  So do use some caution, yet there are a lot of resources available on these blogs, such as books, websites, research, and testimonies of personal experience of illness and healing from a huge variety of perspectives.

The Bipolar Blogger Network shows about 50 blogs, not all of which appear to be active at this time.  However, just from my sweep through the “recent posts” list, I found some interesting stuff.  This blogger network appears to specialize more on the personal life stories side of the blogosphere, but there are also some more research oriented blogs.

Top 100 Bipolar Blogs from also has a lot of interesting material, with a bit stronger leaning towards medical and scientific research reporting, although the personal testimony element is strong here, too.  Feedspot is a “content reader” site that is very anxious to get your email address, so you have to be a bit cautious while looking through these blogs.  However, our friends at BPHope are Feedspot’s #1 Bipolar Blog, so somebody over there is doing some good evaluation.

And finally, Medical News Today offers this list of the “10 Best Bipolar Blogs.” This list includes a thumbnail review for each one, but it doesn’t say how they were selected.  Bipolar Blogger Network (above) is one of Medical News Today’s 10 best, and there are a lot of other overlaps between these lists.  However, any one of them gives a good introduction to the world of Bipolar Bloggers.

Remember, we’re not posting this list of lists to feed your screen addiction!  Please don’t spend all your time reading blogs!  However, it’s useful to have some sources of information, community support and research all in one place, so use the lists judiciously to get the most out of them.  And do share in the comments section below if there are any blogs that you have found to be particularly helpful in living creatively with moods.


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