Bipolar in Order Study

bipolar in orderSeveral readers of this blog have been intrigued by Tom Wootton’s “Bipolar in Order” site and the training program that he has developed to help people live well with bipolar.

A few years ago I added a chapter to one of Tom’s books, and Tom and I have had a professional relationship for more than a decade.

I don’t agree with everything that he says, and I’m sure he doesn’t agree with everything I say, but I think the notion that developing the capacity for coping with moods is something that one can learn to do better, and that this is an important part of living creatively with depression or bipolar, is at the core of what this website is all about.

For a very limited time, if you’re interested in finding out more you can do so by participating in a study that Tom is conducting with Tufts University to evaluate the effectiveness of his training program.

If you’re interested you will need to hurry as Tom indicates that you will only be able to sign up for the next couple of days. By January 7, he expects that the class will be full.