Moodsurfing Courses – Coming Soon!!!

coursesWe have been busy on the site, but not in ways that might be visible…

  • The forum has taken quite a bit of work and is likely to take more work to really get it rolling, but so far we are pleased with the positive response to the idea.
  • We have also started to develop course material for online classes on MoodSurfing. We have begun to work on a “Bipolar 101” class that covers some of the basics.
  • The plan is to develop Bipolar 101, Depression 101, and Anxiety 101… and then to work on more in depth courses.
  • All of this material will also end up in the MoodSurfing book which should be coming in early 2013.
  • Finally, we have been collecting ideas for a MoodSurfing app, but there is no definite timeline for the development of the app.