DrunkorexiaThere is a new kind of eating disorder that has been recently plaguing many college students. This disorder is referred to as Drunkorexia. Drunkorexia is a mix of starving yourself and binge drinking. People engage in Drunkorexia in order to make up for the calories from alcohol by not eating regular food. The demographic that most commonly falls victim to Drunkorexia are college females.  These females often turn to this behavior because of a desire to lose weight and issues with body image. Some people partake in Drunkorexia tendencies in order to save money or to get drunk faster.

There are many risks that come with Drunkorexia. Because there is no food in the individual’s system, the individual will get drunk faster. This leads to a greater chance of being a victim of a sex crime due to lowered inhibitions, cognitive difficulties, and alcohol poisoning.  In her article “Road to Drunkorexia”, Jacoba Urist stresses that this method of “saving calories” is not worth risking your life.

Once a person realizes they have a problem, they have great difficulty changing their behavior and breaking the toxic cycle.  Engaging in Drunkorexic practices often leads to less self-control, binge eating, purging, and a great nutrient deficiency.

Drunkorexia is extremely dangerous, and individuals who are currently exhibiting these behaviors should seek help immediately. Drunkorexic people who believe they are benefiting their bodies by limiting caloric intake are seriously mistaken. The long-term health risks of Drunkorexica can create internal organ damages that lead to fatalities.

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