Forum – Week One

We have had the Bublaa hosted forum up and running for a week. It looks great and we have had some interesting posts already.

A couple of notes –

  • You have to sign up for a Bublaa account to access the forum. And the forum is “private” meaning that once you have your account I have to approve your membership.
  • I encourage you to be thoughtful about the choice of user names. Nothing on the net is really totally secure (someone can always copy it and share, although none of the folks on the forum are the kind who would be at all likely to do that). And the topics being discussed are pretty personal.
  • Since your user name may not let me know who you are, and since I have to OK you joining the forum please send me a separate email when you ask to join the forum. Use my email address. Let me know what your user name is.
  • There are more changes coming to Bublaa – email notifications when there are new posts is a high priority item. For now, though, you will need to make a reminder to come back from time to time to contribute.
  • The “sharing” buttons on the forum are not (we are sure you know this) permission to share the posts of others. And we think that they too will be going away in a future version.