Getting Things Done: Four Quadrants and Setting Priorities

First Things Firstpriorities

The process of getting well, or of gaining or regaining a greater sense of confidence and control over your life can seem overwhelming to almost anyone. That is part of the reason for having someone who can be a guide or facilitator (a therapist or coach). On this page we talk about a number of different approaches that may be helpful. It is easy to read the list and feel vaguely encouraged but also lost about exactly where to begin.

We find that it can be very helpful to be organized about this process and the resources that have been the most helpful for us as individuals, and for our patients, are those that derive from Stephen Covey’s work.

There are two books that contain the core insights and ideas that he has since elaborated in a number of ways. The first one is called, appropriately enough, First Things First. The second one is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. These books are available through our website and can also be found almost everywhere books are sold, and at the Franklin Covey website, as well as in the public library.

The wisdom of Covey’s approach is embodied in the Plan Plus software and paper organizer products that you can find at the Franklin Covey website and at their stores. Although you can certainly make the same kind of changes without buying the organizer products, we do find that using them makes it a bit easier to move ahead without getting bogged down or overwhelmed.