Happy Birthday MoodSurfing

birthdayTime flies when you are having fun!

It is hard to believe, but this site has been up and running for two years. And growing and evolving.

Right now we have four active authors. We have a forum where people can receive support, get advice, give advice, and generally talk about the challenges faced when you try to “live creatively with moods.” We have an occasional series of interviews with people with many different kinds of expertise related to MoodSurfing.

And readership is slowly but steadily increasing.

One of the themes that has emerged out of all this growth and change is the usual one of balancing novelty and tradition. Some of you have been extremely enthusiastic about the two most recent authors. And others have expressed a wish for more of the traditional “informational updates” posts that I have been writing.

Both will continue. My vision for this site is one that embraces diversity. There is no one solution and no one path that works for everyone who struggles with depression.

I do want to keep a clear eye on the two themes of the site – creative adaptation and a focus on things other than medications.

Thank you all for your support.

Happy Birthday!