Idea Map Redux

MapI just wanted to call your attention to a redo of the site map which we have located on a page called “idea map” to indicate that we have tried to organize the keywords into something that will be useful for finding the topic you are interested in.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the grand idea that I had was to create a 3-D idea map, something like the very wonderful website called Visual Thesaurus. However a lengthy search did not find any product that could do this that wouldn’t involve spending thousands of dollars.

So I scaled back my plans and used the MindMeister software to create a mind map. That map, as much fun as MindMeister is to use, ended up being very hard to see and use.

This one was made using SmartDraw and is, hopefully, a bit easier to use. Check it out and let me know your comments and feedback. Post a comment on the page (I see them all) or, if you are shy, send me an email (