In Memoriam

In MemoriamIn memoriam.

He was brilliant, a creative artist and writer with a strong and clear voice.

He was impulsive and he had a generally paranoid view of the police, which they reciprocated. He had been arrested several times. When we met him he was on probation and that was why he came to see us at all.

He could be charming, and attractive in a dark and mysterious way. Women loved him until his behavior got to be too wild.

He was easy to get angry with. He knew exactly what to say to make you feel small. He told me I was a petty bureaucrat masquerading as a doctor.

He was outrageous. He thought about crazy stunts to get attention… and then did them.

He loved his mother and she loved him.

This past week the demons that had always pursued him got the upper hand. He died in a violent suicide.

He burned so brightly in life, he will always be remembered.