Increased Alcohol Use in US

Increased Alcohol Use in the US

A detailed and impressive study finds dramatically increased alcohol use disorders in the US in the past decade.

Between 2001-2002 and 2012-2013, regular high-risk drinking increased by almost 30%, and the number of people meeting criteria for alcohol use disorder grew by 49.4%.

What else do we know about the health of Americans in the past few years?

We know that there has been a startling increase in death from opioid use.

Opiate deaths have gotten a great deal of attention, but what seems to be less often noted is that studies have found that this increase in opiate deaths occurs in the context of an overall increase in drug overdose deaths as well as suicide rates.

Studies have suggested that many “accidental overdose deaths” may actually be suicides. In other words that the magnitude of the increase in suicidality in this country is being under-reported.Self Harm and Suicide Rates

In fact, in 2015, the American death rate – the age-adjusted share of Americans dying- rose slightly for the first time since 1999.

All of these statistics sound rather familiar, they mirror (although, so far, in a much attenuated form) the changes in overall health indicators that occurred during the collapse of Russian communism. Speaking about the dramatic changes in public health during that period, Lincoln Chen, et al wrote…

“The responsible causes are probably a combination of historical and contemporary forces: catch-up effects from previous lifestyle risks… and current turmoil characterized by economic impoverishment, widening social inequality, and the breakdown of political institutions.”

It is not too much of a leap to suggest that the increase in self-harm in this country may also reflect our “widening social inequality and the breakdown of political institutions…”

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