Mindfulness Online

We’re all spending more time online these days, and learning to do things inside that we used to go out to do.  How can we use this time positively to increase health, coping skills, mindfulness, and general well-being?

There are more and more online resources for improving mindfulness and mental health.  It seems like we just finish a list of resources and another one pops into the inbox.  There’s a lot out there, and fortunately, there are some curated lists as well, so you don’t have to sort through it all on your own.

First of all, here’s one with a June 10, 2020 deadline:  check out the online group Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy led by Dr. Sidney Edsall, a psychiatrist who works out of San Francisco.  Designed for people who are already in therapy with Dr. Edsall or another therapist, the group will help build cognitive skills and meditation skills to work on dealing with anxiety and depression.

Here’s a course that starts June 4, if you hurry, there may still be time to sign up: from Dr. Ellis Edmunds, a therapist in Oakland.  “Everyday mindfulness for stress and anxiety” is an online group course.  Dr. Edmunds also offers a self-directed online course that you can register for at any time, and follow through emailed guidance videos and audio meditations.

For more online resources, have a look at MoodSurfing’s Links and Apps page.  There’s nothing here that we haven’t looked at and decided to recommend.  Other online programs that we have looked at before include Palouse Mindfulness and Moodscope.com.

Along those same lines, here is a page from Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a psychiatrist practicing in New York City.  This list is recently formulated, specifically for use during the Covid 19 lockdown.  It’s got a great listing of mindfulness and meditation resources, some of which have newly-offered free options, or a wider range of choices offered as a response to the pandemic.

Have you found other great online resources?  Please share them in the comments space below!