New Home – Redux

Ocean WaveThis past week, we spent another couple of days trying to figure out why the site was suddenly inaccessible for several long periods of time.

Some of you may recall that we only recently moved to a new web hosting service and it was my expectation that this new service, with its dedicated server, would provide us with better responsiveness for the site, but the opposite happened.Long story short, the hosting company that we switched to, HostGator, turned out to be completely unable to deliver any kind of service.  

They had misconfigured the server and somehow in their hosting center (where our server was located) had triggered a denial of service attack on themselves (?).  Denial of Service attacks are the most common way that terrorists of all kinds bring down websites…. but I have never heard of a web hosting company doing it to themselves…

All of this took hours of time to sort out.Anyway, we’re now at a third web hosting company (WebSynthesis) and this time, at least from early experience, I think we’ve found the right place.Apologies to all of you who may have had trouble getting to our site.  Thanks for hanging in there.