Patrick Kennedy Talks about Bipolar and Addiction

This is a great video that talks about the powerful negative effect of stigma (not talking about mental illness) on the Kennedy family. Patrick Kennedy talks about his struggles with bipolar depression and substance use.

For More Information

Bipolar Hope Magazine article about Patrick Kennedy’s career and his struggles with bipolar and recovery and his efforts to galvanize the mental health field and improve treatment.

Patrick Kennedy talks about his book, A Common Struggle: A Personal Journey Through the Past and Future of Mental Illness and Addiction, in a C-Span video. 

A link to Amazon where you can buy the best-selling book in Kindle, paperback, Audible, and Audio-CD formats.

Keith O’Neil Fights Stigma – Keith Daniel O’Neil is a former American football linebacker of the National Football League and he talks about his efforts to fight stigma.

World Bipolar Day 2016 was focused on stigma.