SHUTi: Work towards a better night’s sleep

SHUTiHaving trouble sleeping? We think the website SHUTi may be helpful to you.

Sleep is a crucial component for the happiness and well being of an individual. An appropriate amount of sleep can lower anxiety levels, help prevent overeating, and improve memory.

On the moodsurfing website, we recommend SHUTi as a resource to individuals struggling with insomnia. SHUTi provides an online internet intervention program where users can evaluate their own sleep problems and treatment goals. The SHUTi program offers five 45-60 minute units to complete called the core. After each core, individuals practice the newly learned strategies for a week before moving forward with the program. For people who are motivated and who want to work to improve their sleep, SHUTi is a fantastic option.

SHUTi uses cognitive behavioral therapy to change behaviors and pattterns of thinking that can prevent a good night’s sleep. Although SHUTi is a great tool, you should first talk to your phsycian to ensure that your sleep problems are due to insomnia and not a serious medical condition.

If you want to actively take back control of your sleep quality, then SHUTi is a website you should definitely visit.

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