Stigma Busters

stigma bustersOne of the main purposes of this website is helping to remove stigma and shame and allowing people who wrestle with depression and mood swings to deal with their problems in a direct way. Shame and stigma make it hard to cope with depression because they make every thought about the topic painful and this makes positive coping and planning very difficult.

We may finally have worked out all of the technical issues that have plagued the member forum and the result has been sudden surge in activity.

What is the relationship between these two thoughts?

When you see, the reason for the forum is in large measure to make it possible for people to talk about the difficulties that they face and by talking about them to feel less of a sense of being isolated and alone in dealing with something that is shameful.

Shame and stigma tend to be carried internally, and they weigh us down, even when we’re not aware of those feelings.

The best way of taking care of shame and stigma is talking about the problem. The act of talking is what convinces your brain that the topic is not shameful. You can tell yourself this over and over again but it will have less of an effect.

Long story short, I encourage those of you who are members of the forum to be active, you will find that you derive significant benefit from that. And those of you who subscribe to the posts but have not signed up please send me an email if you’re interested in joining. Peter at mood surfing dot com.