Surround Yourself with Happiness

deborah-sandersWe are truly blessed to have Deborahmichelle Sanders’ permission to run some abstracts from her book The Complete How to Repair Your World Toolkit.

One of the ideas that she talks about in great detail is the importance of how your home is set up and decorated. Some of her ideas follow…

Display as many photos of people as you can. The human face is special. If you choose people whose smiles are genuine, you can feel happier just in looking at the photos, as they will make you unconsciously imitate their expressions. “Dr. [Paul] Ekman’s research reveals that simply mimicking an emotion by manipulating one’s own facial expressions will initiate the physiological experience of that emotion–you’ll feel it arise within yourself.”

Imitating a smile will make you happier. If you do not have much of a collection
of photos of faces of families and friends, buy illustrated biographies. Children’s books are a good bet if you buy the books online. Clip the illustrations that you like best and hang them on your walls.

Surround yourself with good memories. Whenever someone sends you a greeting card or2016-09-16_15-08-57
illustrated note card, mount it on your wall (in neat arrays, if you can). After a year or so of accumulation, you will be reminded of the love of your family and friends whenever you look around.

Everyone needs a home shrine, you as well even if you profess no religion. You collect seashells when you travel? Your display of them can be your shrine. Another example: You may not have
realized that the photos you have out on tables and up on walls of your companion animal constitute a spiritual focal point. But think of how glad you will be of them upon his or her passing! Your shrine is the place where you can go to shake hands with your core self.

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