Suzanne Alexandra Black

Suzanne Alexandra BlackI am excited to be working with Suzanne Alexandra Black again.

Suzanne is a psychologist who is an expert in bipolar moods. She is a brilliant woman who has an active Skype practice with patients on several continents and she divides her time between Paris and New York.

Over the course of the next couple of months I hope to have Suzanne contribute some blog posts here and I will interview her for our “Discussions” section.

We have been working on the outline of ideas for the MoodSurfing book. And, as you can see, the “Topics” section of this site is beginning to come together, although there are many more important topics to address.

Suzanne is especially interested in the existential issues that come up when contemplating a bipolar diagnosis – What does it “mean” to be bipolar and how to have a positive sense of self while at the same time integrating the knowledge of how mood swings influence one’s life.

She also has an active twitter site that you can see here.

I am looking forward to adding her lively voice to this site.