Thankfulness – A Meditation

On this Thanksgiving 2015 we received a link to the section of Rick Hanson’s Foundations of Wellbeing course that talks about thankfulness and gratitude.

Rick talks about how thankfulness and gratitude promote long term well-being, reduces anxiety, and improves mood.

He introduces the notion that it is possible to grow this sense and change our own experience, and perhaps change the world as well. And talks about some of the many things that we have to be thankful for.

One thing that he talks about that is worth noting as you practice thanksgiving today –

It is better to focus on a few things that you are grateful for rather than trying to do a quick overview of all the things you might be thankful for. To try to dive into the emotion and to consider all the aspects of something appreciated.

It is better to focus on gratitude for people rather than for things.

Research based recommendations for your day of Thanksgiving!

Click on the link below to see a little taste of Rick’s program.

Gratitude and Thankfulness













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