The Bipolar Disorder Workbook

Gateway Psychiatric Services is delighted to announce the release of our latest book, The Bipolar Disorder Workbook from Callisto Media. The Workbook is intended to be of use to those who are just beginning to think bipolar may be an issue for them as well as those who have been journeying with bipolar for a longer time. It is also useful for family members and others who want to be of help to someone with confirmed or suspected bipolar.

Beginning with a section on definitions and an explanation of the diagnostic process, the workbook proceeds through a series of structured exercises that help the user gain understanding of the various possible diagnoses and treatment options. Focusing primarily on Bipolar II and cyclothymia, the workbook is designed to familiarize you with these conditions and let you know what to expect going forward. The structured exercises guide the user towards skills for living with bipolar II and cyclothymia as well as encouragement for a lifestyle of wellness.

We are honored to have already received some positive reviews and we hope that everyone who encounters the workbook will leave their comments or a review on Amazon. Check it out!