The Loving Brain

BRAINGet ready, because the month of July has an exciting event coming up! Rick Hanson, Ph.D. is hosting a free interview series called the Loving Brain starting July 15. For the 8 following Mondays, experts will be giving talks on how to develop positive relationships with others and establish a healthy self image. If you happen to miss a speaker that you were really interested in seeing, do not be discouraged! All the interviews will be available for free downloads once they are posted. The purpose of these interviews is to give people the advice and tools they need to build strong relationships and enhance their overall quality of life.

The fun starts with a presentation from Rick Hanson that explores themes similar to the book he published called Hardwiring Happiness. Some topics that he will be covering are the relationship between who we are today and our childhood, how to become more caring and practice self-love, learning to let go of unfair self criticism, the neurochemistry of love, the role of hormones in relationships, working on parent-child relationships, and how relationships can actually change our brains in positive ways.

Many experts will be featured speaking on specific topics as well. The specialists will explore areas that include building the foundation of relationships, being mindful in a relationship, demonstrating self-compassion, the effect of our inner feelings on eating habits, the neurotransmitters involved with love, understanding the role of hormones in relationships, and the formula for creating happy families.

If any of these topics have sparked your interest, sign up at this website to gain access to the talks:

All you have to do is give your email address, and the talks are absolutely free. Take some time this July to reexamine new relationship strategies, and feel refreshed by a new positive outlook on life.