The Morning Ritual: Starting Your Day Off Right

morningThe Morning Ritual– For people who are trying to live creatively with moods, it is often extremely important how the day starts.

The time of getting out of bed in the morning needs to be roughly the same every morning, and it needs to include enough time so that on weekdays, there is at least a half an hour for things other than eating breakfast, getting dressed, getting to work, etc..

Many people find that a cup of coffee or tea is a useful way of getting started in the morning (decaf works almost as well). Try to arrange things so that coffee or tea is ready when you get up (how about a coffee maker with a timer).

Some people like to go straight into a bath or shower, while others prefer to take some time for the morning ritual right after getting up.

The ritual involves taking at least 20 minutes to sit in a place where there is abundant natural light, preferably even a view (or, if you don’t have such a place, consider using a therapy light). This time is spent either in meditation, yoga practice, or in thinking about the day in a thoughtful, not anxious, way.