It Is That Time… See Ya Later Friends! – Arnrow

arnrowThere is nothing that surprises me as much, and as often, as time—its swiftness, stealth. My last day at Gateway Psychiatric Services was on Thursday, and now, as I pack for another year at university, it is strange to acknowledge that three months have come, and gone. I guess it is true what they say about time, and how it sure flies when you are having fun.

I am tremendously thankful for my summer at Gateway Psychiatric Services, and for the opportunity to meet, and work with such compassionate, knowledgeable, and welcoming individuals who have made my experience at GPS memorable. I hope that if I do decide to go into clinical or applied psychology, I am able to demonstrate the same level of care and dedication towards patient health, and private practice as I have observed from Mrs. Craft, Dr. Schraufnagel, and Dr. Forster, as well as the practitioners at Gateway. In addition, not only have I developed a more comprehensive understanding of the mental health field but I have also acquired a great deal of administrative, marketing, communication, and research abilities.

I also want to thank you, the lovely readers, for reading my articles, and for engaging in conversations with me in the forum. It is my wish that you all continue to, dare I say it, SURF creatively, and enthusiastically through the waves, and tides of life.


Your Summer 2014 Intern,