Two Minute Meditation for Energized States – Nancy

Meditation sounds like such a good idea, but who has time?  Especially when you’re energized and it feels like the world is your oyster.  Colors are brighter and light and shadow so much richer – who has time for meditation?  And yet, it’s when we’re in those high energy states that we know risky behavior is just around the corner.  We have heard from our clients that it’s just when the energy seems at its highest that a brief touchdown can make all the difference between lost time and usable energy.

Two minutes.  That’s all it takes to turn off the bright lights and get grounded again.  If you can’t sit still, try some walking meditation techniques, or try Amy Saltzman’s wonderful exercises for rambunctious young children – they work for the child in all of us!

Online there is a wealth of short video and audio meditations, many lasting only a minute or two.  These can be a great resource and a quick pull-me-down (as it were) but the problem with You Tube is the menu of “other videos you might like” on the side.  It’s awfully easy to get distracted.  You might find it helpful to bookmark some that you want to use and then they will be ready when you are looking for groundedness.

Another option would be to look into one of these two sites that sell apps (both available on iPhone and android) that each has a complete program for beginners – Calm or Headspace.  They require paying for a subscription, but many people are finding them extremely helpful.

If you want to go into the topic more deeply, we like Adyashanti’s True Meditation.  It does require more of a time commitment, but it is a way into meditative states that doesn’t ask you to do something “special.” We like the constant reiteration of the fact that “trying” is the problem when it comes to meditation.

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