What is a Dating Coach?

What is a dating coach?

Is it for you?  Even without a pandemic, lots of us are uncertain, anxious, ambivalent, or just plain scared of getting back into the dating pool.  We want a good relationship, but how to find the right person?

Sign up for dating and relationship apps.  Go out with friends of friends. Go to a matchmaker?  Ask your mom?  It’s a jungle out there, and a dating coach can help you find the pathway through to the other side.

One of our patients recently had a great experience with a dating coach after a series of depressive episodes.  She was struggling with how to “sell” herself on an online dating app, and the coach turned out to be a completely different approach.

A dating coach doesn’t find “The One” for you, rather, they work with you to reflect deeply on where you are in your life and what you really want in a partner.  Why have so many of your dating experiences in the past not worked out, and how can you take control of the narrative so you don’t waste time on people who are not a good match?

A three month, personalized online course with group lessons and individual counseling isn’t cheap, some charge as much as $6,000 for the course.  But we know of several of our patients for whom this type of course turned out to be the real breakthrough they needed and who are now in the committed partnerships of their dreams.

We haven’t reviewed the various offerings, so we can’t really say whether one or another of these sites will work for your situation.  However, here’s one site that one of our patients used and recommends:  The Brazen Breakthrough.

And here, for those who, like me, were clueless that dating coaches are even a thing, let alone “people to watch”, is a list of the 10 Dating Experts and Coaches to Watch in 2021.