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Mar 09

Insomnia Causes the Munchies

Insomnia and the Munchies

In an article that appeared in the journal SLEEP in February, 2016, and which was summarized in a New York Times post entitled “Poor Sleep Gives You the Munchies,” researchers report that one way that poor sleep and insomnia may lead to weight gain is that insomnia increases activity of the endocannabinoid system in the …

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Sep 29

Cannabis and Bipolar

marijuana and bipolar

More than half of people with bipolar will qualify for a substance use disorder diagnosis at some point. In many places, the most popular drug (other than alcohol) in people with bipolar is cannabis. People with bipolar are almost 7 times as likely to use cannabis than the general population. In the United States, many states have legalized cannabis for medical indications, and two …

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Jun 30

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana

20 states have laws authorizing the use of medical marijuana, but what is the evidence for the medical effectiveness of marijuana? An exhaustive review of the topic just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that, overall, the evidence for marijuana’s effectiveness is quite poor. And while many of my younger patients …

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Jan 28

What about Marijuana for Depression or Bipolar Moods?

Since we practice in San Francisco, which was at the forefront of the move to decriminalize marijuana, we find that many of the people with depression or bipolar have smoked, or are smoking, marijuana as a way of treating their depression. Over the years we have developed a general impression of marijuana as a psychotropic …

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Sep 02

Marijuana: Reefer Madness

Psychosis Risks with Marijuana Use This article is taken from Bipolar Network News. “At a recent conference Robin Murray, a researcher based in London, gave a talk about the potential adverse effects of tetrahydrocanabinol (THC). Considerable data indicate that chronic long-term smoking of marijuana is associated with the doubling of the risk of psychosis. Moreover, if …

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Jun 09

Smoking (Marijuana)

Lots of folks with depression and bipolar use marijuana to help feel more stable. We like to keep an open mind but we have to say we are not impressed with marijuana as a mood stabilizer. In fact, the closest thing that we can think of in terms of prescribed medications to marijuana (gabapentin or …

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