Apps and Links Updated

Apps and Links UpdatedI have just been a couple of hours updating the apps and links page on this site.

There are a lot more choices for mood charting including many more that are available on both android and iPhone.

I’ve also been using three different apps concurrently for the last two months to get a sense of what it’s like with different mood charting apps.

It has been an interesting experience, not the least be because it has made me understand much better the barriers to daily mood charting. Sometimes you just don’t want to see how you’re feeling.

At the same time I have been able to see how helpful it can be to be aware of the day to day factors that influence mood.

Interestingly, I keep coming back to one of the more annoying mood tracking apps. The app is annoying because it deliberately slows you down, forcing you to think, and I must say I have found it helpful to take a little bit more time on the process: moodscope is the name of that app. For more on that app and a bunch of other resources visit the…

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