Building Healthy Habits – Gina

Building healthy habits can be very important in managing mood. Regular sleep, exercise and diet can play a key role in reinforcing a stable mood. As a result, I regularly work with clients to identify healthy habits they would like to form and steps they can take in doing so.

Most of the the time they are core habits such as creating a regular sleep schedule, exercise plan or reinforcing a healthy eating routine. These goals have also extended to more personalized habits around meditation, journal writing or playing music, for example. Ultimately, I have seen how getting into a regular routine that reinforces daily rhythms and positive activities can help reinforce mood stability.

That being said, building new habits can be hard. Sometimes taking that first steps can be the hardest. Finding strategies to reinforce change early on can be helpful in building momentum. To support with this, I have worked with people to find accountability buddies, to set up reward systems and to create general reminders on their phone or calendars.

More recently, I have also explored habit building phone apps. These apps allow you to set goals around forming new habits and receive reminders and encouragement around following through on those goals. Below is a handful of positively reviewed habit apps. For a more extensive list and review of those apps, check out lifehack’s post rating the 24 best habit tracking apps –

Are there any healthy habits you have wanted to add to your regular routine? If so, consider checking out one of these apps and let us know what you think!

For more information about apps including app reviews check out our app page.

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