Famous Women with Bipolar

Our friends at BPHope have done it again!  A new post showing “Five Famous Females who are crushing stigma” gives us thumbnails of five interesting celebrities with bipolar, and only one of them has already been profiled on Moodsurfing: Demi Lovato.

The others are three actors and a news anchor, all of whom are talking publicly about their diagnoses and treatment options.  People like these with a celebrity image speaking out about mental illness can really make a difference in public perception, helping to reduce stigma and ignorance about these conditions.  Many people with bipolar also feel a sense of kinship and encouragement when they realize that famous and successful individuals, both contemporary and historical have also faced down mood disorders.

So tell your friends!  If it’s hard to talk about your own diagnosis, maybe talking about a famous actress or musician can help you educate your family, co-workers and other contacts painlessly.

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Five Famous Females who are crushing the stigma of bipolar disorder.