Making A Daily Plan

Making A Daily Plan

Consider the value of “boring”. Steve Jobs reportedly once said “I’m a big believer in boredom” –meaning maybe that if life is quiet and predictable enough you may have time to think, time to daydream, and time to make new decisions and choices.

For people living with bipolar, boring can be a tough goal.  But structure is everything when it comes to surfing your moods.  Julie Fast, bipolar blogger and writer on the site BPHope, says “since my diagnosis in 1995, I’ve created a management plan that I still use daily in order to keep my life focused and positive.”

How about that: a plan that’s been working daily for more than 20 years!  How’s it done?

These are the clearest and most important steps, each person will have some additions depending on their own unique situation:

  • Sleep schedule – hands down the most important and impactful structure anyone can put in their life. Make it and stick to it.
  • Self-care schedule – if you need to write these down and post the list in the bedroom or bathroom, do it! Shower, teeth brushing, laundry, etc.
  • Meals and diet – try the Mediterranean Diet, or another evidence-based plan. Get healthy and stick with it.
  • Exercise – ‘nuff said, right?
  • Morning light – gets you up and going at a time of day when many people need a boost. Research has shown that morning light exposure is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

These structures help maintain stability, which is what helps us all lead a healthier life.

Please share your own experiences with life plans and a boring, stable schedule.