Stress Free and Happy

stressIt can be extremely difficult to lead a balanced lifestyle. When we are driven to reach a goal, it is easy to become stressed and obsessed with reaching a particular outcome.  At what point does all the stress start to have a negative impact on our personal happiness? It is great to have ambitions and to work hard to reach our full potential, but not at the cost of our well-being. Brian Johnson, teacher of Optimal Living 101, discusses the importance of pursuing success without stress or obsession.

Johnson reports that when working towards a goal, many people give an immense amount of effort while also experiencing a great deal of stress. He thinks that the secret to success however, is to give that same great effort without the stress. In the past, individuals have had the belief that the only way to relieve stress is through an activity that requires no action and is separate from work. Some of these activities include lying on the beach or sitting quietly at a table reading a book. While these activities can be a great way to relax, Johnson encourages people to create a less stressful work environment as well. The most successful people are those who are extremely motivated and hard-working, but who are also calm. He compares this approach to water moving down stream. The water is flowing with ease in a quick and efficient matter. We should adopt the water downstream work ethic where we put in energy to reach our final destination while moving with the current rather than against it. There is a way to reach our goals and maintain our happiness.

If you are not a naturally relaxed person, there is still hope! You can train yourself to react to different situations in a much more calm manner. Some ways you can retrain your brain include meditation, yoga, or any activity that allows you to practice controlling your thoughts.  Learning to relax your body and enter the work environment with a determined, yet confident and relaxed approach will help you enjoy the journey in following your aspirations as well as reaching the end goal.

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