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Stress and Your Brain
April 21, 2013

Stress has a major affect on our bodies and our brain. The release of catecholamines (adrenaline and related chemicals) and cortisol…

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March 18, 2013

What do small sticks used to start a fire have to do with bipolar moods? Not much… Kindling in the context…

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On the Borderline
March 17, 2013

I am writing a presentation for the UCSF Bipolar Program on the topic of the relationship between Borderline Personality Disorder and…

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Fish Oil Update
March 11, 2013

Since so many people with bipolar and depression take fish oil we thought we would pass on some information in a…

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Sleep and Memory
January 28, 2013

An interesting story published in the New York Times suggests that the reason we are less able to remember things as…

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Borderline Emotions
January 17, 2013

Originally, the label “borderline personality disorder” was applied to patients who were thought to somewhere  between patients with neurotic and psychotic…

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Of Two Minds
January 10, 2013

This morning I was thinking about the relationship between your pre-frontal cortex and your limbic system. I know, it’s a little…

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Exercise and Brain Health
December 29, 2012

According to the Exercise and Brain Health: Good Points to Remember article in the December 27, 2012 issue of Bipolar Network News, “(…)…

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Parenting and Oxytocin
August 17, 2012

Those of us who have been parents probably remember moments of incredible attachment to our children. Times when we were happy…

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Bipolar Brains
August 12, 2012

After years of trying, a group of researchers down at UCLA (led by Lori Altshuler) may have succeeded in identifying important…

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Mood and Food
July 11, 2012

Many people have an intuitive sense that a good diet is a foundation stone of good mental health. We don’t disagree,…

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Self-Consciousness: You Can’t Fool Yourself
July 8, 2012

Many years ago we read a book by renowned social psychologist George Herbert Meade entitled Mind, Self and Society. In it…

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What is Hypomania?
June 21, 2012

What is hypomania (“a little mania”) and what changes when you are hypomanic? Depending on where you sit it can be…

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