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Pregnancy and Mental Health
January 19, 2016

Pregnancy and mental health problems – how to reconcile the two – are often topics of discussion on this website and…

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Mind Maps and Post Its
September 26, 2015

Stuck with a problem that you can’t figure out? Having trouble generating ideas? One of the things that the mind is…

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Parity Website
July 5, 2015

We ran across information about a new website that is drawing attention to the issue of mental health parity and that…

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Meditation Tricks
December 4, 2014

Most of us in the Gateway Clinic have been encouraging our patients to take up meditation for years.  We will explain…

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MoodRhythm: Beta Users Needed
July 28, 2013

One of our readers forwarded to us a story about a new application called MoodRhythm that was developed at Cornell University…

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