An Interview You Don’t Want to Miss!

Dr. Forster receninterviewtly interviewed with Matt Tierney, a Nurse Practitioner who holds a Master of Science degree in Nursing from UCSF. Matt goes into great detail about the benefits of the 12 step program and what the program is all about. He tells us how the 12 step program can be different for each individual and how each step can take on new meaning as time progresses. This interview also goes into detail about the innerworkings of a relationship with the 12 step program, the value in finding a home AA group, and the importance of having support.  Matt also gives us insight about an individual’s relationship with a sponsor and whether or not a sponsor is necessary to the program. The interview closes with a discussion about doing long term step work and how to make the most out of a 12 step program. To get the scoop about the 12 step program from Matt Tierney, use the link below to see the full interview!