Fall Warning

Fall WarningNorthern Hemisphere Fall Warning

If you live in the northern hemisphere, and particularly if you live in the United States, this seems like an appropriate time to point out that fall is coming.  The yellow school buses are once again trundling through the streets taking kids to school, the commute has once again jumped up by a factor of two in the Bay Area, and it is definitely getting light quite a bit later in the morning.  For most people, it’s not yet time to start experiencing significant seasonal mood symptoms, but it is a good time to prepare for the change in seasons.  I encourage those who tend toward depression to purchase a therapy mood light.  You can find links to articles on this topic here.

It’s also a good time to be thinking about how you will remain active with shorter days and less sunny weather.

  • Should you sign up for a gym membership?
  • Have you been thinking about buying an elliptical trainer or a treadmill?

This a good time to come up with a plan.

Don’t wait to figure this out when you start noticing your mood change with the season, by that time you may be feeling too lethargic to act.

Finally it’s worth recalling that this is also an anniversary of a sort for people who have graduated from college in the last few years.  You might notice feelings of discontent as you reflect on your life now and compare it to when you were in school. Goals and responsibilities are much clearer in college than out in the real world.