Mindfulness Apps Updated

Mindfulness Apps UpdatedMindfulness Apps Updated

We have updated our mindfulness links based on a nice review in the New York Times.

The reviewer suggests starting with one of the two apps (both available on iPhone and android) that has a complete program for beginners – Calm or Headspace.

We particularly liked the fact that the reviewer pointed to the very personal aspects of selecting an app, for example the reaction you have to the voice narrating a mindfulness practice. Headspace is entirely narrated by a British man with a noticeable accent, which you will either like or not like. Calm mostly has a female narrator with background sounds and music that can be either described as very relaxing or “new age.”

Both of the apps will try to engage you with reminders and “stats” – tracking your use over time and providing you with encouragement to continue. Headspace will send you a rotating set of reminders and inspiring messages.

Calm and Headspace are not cheap. They both have monthly and yearly subscription options. Calm is a bit cheaper (9.99 per month or 39$ for a year) than Headspace (12.99 per month but a whopping 97$ per year!). And I have to admit that I find that the free Calm website is often just fine (whereas you won’t get as much out of the free Headspace app).

The review also highlights the value of another app, Buddhify, that does not have a program at all, but tries to help you incorporate mindfulness practice into various daily activities.


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