A Worthwhile Project

projectA good friend of this blog, and a wonderful woman who has energy, talent and a commitment to making a difference, recently sent me an update on a project that she is working on to develop a film and website to reduce the stigma of bipolar.
She and her team have put up “beta” website announcing the project. And she is looking for other folks who want to help, in whatever way they are comfortable doing.
This is the website.
Check it out. And if you want to support a worthy project you might want to drop her an email. She writes that –
I need suggestions for good articles, and perhaps other blogs to examine. I’m really interested in finding people who might be willing to explore possibly being on camera with me. If people don’t come forward the film won’t mean anything. We need faces to humanize the condition.
But on a personal level, I am interesting in connecting with basically anyone who wants to connect at this point. You can post my email address if people want to talk privately: findmoreoutthere@gmail.com