Yoga Nidra as a Strategy to Cope with Insomnia

yogaMany adults struggle with insomnia several nights a week. To maximize good health, it is important to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night. More sleep can help decrease the risk of getting heart disease, stroke, or breast cancer. Insomnia can be extremely frustrating to deal with, for it can be exhausting to try all the recommended sleep strategies yet still experience no result.

One of our clients, who has been exploring many different approaches to yoga this past couple of months, told us that he had some really good results from Yoga Nidra as an approach to solving his longstanding problems with insomnia. The focus of this practice is on achieving a state that is similar to lucid dreaming, so it is also very helpful for people with problems with bad dreams or nightmares.

Yoga nidra is a state of yogic sleep or sleep with awareness. Another way of putting it is being in a conscious deep sleep. Not only does yoga nidra show positive results for a better night’s sleep, but it has additional health benefits. Yoga nidra has been shown to improve menstrual symptoms by improving blood pressure and heart rate.

Yoga Nidra has also helped individuals control blood glucose levels, which reduces the risk of diabetes. In addition, this practice of conscious sleep is a great treatment for people facing PTSD, for this pracitce reduces anxiety and restores a person’s sense of control over their life.

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Give it a try, and see your life improve in more ways than one!