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Instagram Photos Reveal Depression
September 8, 2016

Smartphones are collecting information about us all of the time. As we post pictures and text online what are we revealing…

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Mental Health Improves with Aging
September 5, 2016

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry suggests that mental health follows a very different path than physical and…

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Pregnancy and Mental Health
January 19, 2016

Pregnancy and mental health problems – how to reconcile the two – are often topics of discussion on this website and…

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Mental Health Problems and Physical Health
April 11, 2015

An incredibly well researched article in the journal JAMA Psychiatry summarized a body of research on the impact of mental health…

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Runner’s High
June 27, 2013

A great way to gain both physical and mental strength is to make running a part of your workout. A lifestyle…

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Effects of Vitamin D on Mental Illness
May 24, 2013

Current Psychiatry posted an article suggesting that vitamin D levels are related to different mental illnesses. Although more than 50% of…

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