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Online Resources: Links and Apps Update
September 20, 2013

The very useful listserve of the Northern California Cognitive Behavioral Therapy association has had a great thread about favorite apps for…

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Leaving War Behind
July 16, 2013

I spent many sessions working with a successful entrepreneur to try to help him cope better with stress and depression. His…

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Coming Home
May 26, 2013

Where does the mind go when it is not occupied by the worries, frustration, and anxiety? Does it go to a…

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Awareness and Acceptance
March 24, 2013

The New York Times has had a series of well written articles on the topic of mindfulness. The most recent article…

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January 14, 2013

Rick Hanson has a wonderful blog of practices that will help you achieve excellent mental health. We encourage you to subscribe…

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Chronic Health Condition
January 12, 2013

A woman who works in the health care field came in for a visit with us today.  We’ve been seeing her…

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Mindfulness in the News
December 20, 2012

A number of people called my attention to the December 15 NY Times The Power of Concentration article written by Maria…

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Having Plenty
December 11, 2012

We have been talking about the many forms of craving (food, love, sex, etcetera) and how the desire to have these…

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Two Minute Meditation
December 8, 2012

Sometimes when we most need to get to the meditative or mindful state… it can be hardest to get there. For…

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Christian Mindfulness
December 2, 2012

I will be writing posts from time to time that are a response to questions posed on this site. The first…

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Stormy Weather
November 28, 2012

The first of the big winter storms blew through the Bay Area today.  Winds whipped up the already large waves and…

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November 23, 2012

The “hot” thing in the therapy world these days is something called ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). The radical notion behind…

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What’s the Hurry
November 20, 2012

It’s been a very busy week for mental health professionals in the Bay Area. The holidays are ramping up. And it…

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Mood Phobias
October 28, 2012

We were talking with a couple of wonderful psychologists about what it is that helps people come to terms with moods…

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Depression is Depressing
October 17, 2012

Sometimes helping someone deal with their moods can seem a bit like being a gynecologist in Victorian England. How can you…

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Appreciating Depression?
October 8, 2012

We are indebted to Tom Wootton for his observation that the key to living creatively with bipolar is accepting and making…

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Imperfect Bodies
September 30, 2012

In his book, “The Heart of Man,” Erich Fromm wrote about two modes of being – one he called biophilia (the…

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The Uncertainty Principle
September 25, 2012

In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle is the principle that there is a fundamental limit to our ability to know things…

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Negative Emotions
September 9, 2012

We’ve all been there. Maybe we’ve noticed feeling impatient while driving in traffic, or expressing anger towards the barista who didn’t…

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Running a Bit Late
August 31, 2012

This has been a super busy week and for the first time since we started this website we missed a couple…

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