80 Pleasurable Things (you can do at home)

Pleasure!  We all want it.  Not only is it fun, but it enables our bodies to release oxytocin, which helps strengthen the immune system, heal wounds faster, and generally increase health and happiness.  Problem is, often when we feel bad, tired, or bored, we can’t even imagine doing something fun.

To help with that, Moodsurfing has posted lists before of 80 fun things to do.  And now, here’s the revised version for everyone under stay-at-home orders!  We had to remove about 14 things that were all about going somewhere (bowling, ice skating…)  and we separated out a list of 13 that can be converted to online or virtual activities.

Using this list, you don’t have to think of a fun thing to do, it’s all here. All you have to do is take a first step on one of these activities.  It’s the first step that gives the motivation for the next step, and so on.  Enjoy!

  1. Soaking in the bathtub
  2. Listening to music
  3. Recalling past parties/fun times
  4. Hobbies (collections, crafts…)
  5. Eating favorite foods
  6. Repairing things around the house/refinishing furniture
  7. Working on my car (bicycle)
  8. Taking care of plants/gardening
  9. Exercise: jogging, walking, dancing, etc.
  10. Planning a party
  11. Flying kites (in the backyard)
  12. Riding a motorbike
  13. Sex
  14. Going camping (backyard)
  15. Singing around the house
  16. Arranging flowers
  17. Praying (practicing religion)
  18. Sketching, painting
  19. Doing something spontaneously
  20. Birdwatching
  21. Playing musical instruments, learning a new instrument
  22. Making something artistic
  23. Making a gift for someone
  24. Cooking special meals
  25. Hiking or walking out in nature
  26. Early morning coffee and newspaper
  27. Kissing someone I love
  28. Watching my children play
  29. Playing with puppies or kittens
  30. Going bike riding
  31. Photography
  32. Staying on a diet/losing weight
  33. Star gazing
  34. Creative writing: stories, poetry, etc.
  35. Dancing around the house
  36. Going on a picnic (backyard)
  37. Meditating
  38. Remembering happy moments in my childhood
  39. Playing cards, with others or solitaire
  40. Having a political discussion
  41. Looking at or showing photos or slides
  42. Doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, etc.
  43. Dressing up and looking nice
  44. Lighting candles or incense
  45. Getting/giving a massage
  46. Saying “I love you” to someone special
  47. Doing woodworking
  48. Having an aquarium, watching fish
  49. Erotica (sex books, movies)
  50. Becoming active in the community (online)
  51. Making jigsaw puzzles
  52. Playing with my pets
  53. Having a barbecue (backyard)
  54. Rearranging the furniture in the house
  55. Using older technology that has been set aside, for example, playing old favorite CD’s or cassette tapes
  56. Writing your memoir/life story for posterity
  57. Baking bread, or something else you’ve never tried
  58. Cuddling on the couch
  59. Writing letters to the editor or to your congressional/state representatives
  60. Reading all the books on your bookshelf
  61. Sewing
  62. Knitting or crocheting
  63. Macramé
  64. Getting soaked in the rain
  65. Learning more about herbal medicine/growing herbs
  66. Practicing calligraphy
  67. Writing letters or cards to be sent to friends by mail


  1. Going to a movie, alone or with a date
  2. Spending an evening with good friends
  3. Going to a party
  4. Playing golf, tennis, basketball, other sports (online)
  5. Having family get-togethers (Zoom or Skype)
  6. Attending online services at church/synagogue/place of worship
  7. Travelling abroad, or to new places
  8. Singing with groups
  9. Sightseeing
  10. Going to plays and concerts
  11. Taking classes or courses in a new subject (online)
  12. Going to museums, art galleries
  13. Downloading books to read from the public library