80 Pleasurable Things – Nancy

Here’s a list of 80 fun or pleasurable things to do.  Some of them are simple to arrange and quick to accomplish, and some require some planning and preparation, or even money.  But all of them can be enjoyable experiences.  Remember that motivation is less important than just doing it.  Even if you don’t feel like it, or don’t think it will be fun, it’s better to do it anyway, and let the motivation follow, not lead.

First, go through the list and cross off things that really don’t look like fun to you.  For some people, swimming, for example is never a fun thing to do or to contemplate doing.  Then choose a few that you can go ahead and do right away: listen to music, or light up a candle or two.  Then choose a few that you might like to try with a bit of planning: call a friend, fix the burned out lightbulbs, go to a restaurant.  Set achievable goals.  If you think you will take a 30 minute walk every day, set a goal of 15 minutes each morning.  That way you can celebrate reaching your goal instead of feeling bad about missing it.

Often, when we feel bad, we can’t even imagine doing something fun.  So use the list (you don’t have to think of a fun thing to do, it’s all here), then go out and take a first step.  It’s the first step that gives the motivation for the next step, and so on.  Enjoy!

  1. Soaking in the bathtub
  2. Going away for the weekend
  3. Going to a movie, alone or with a date
  4. Listening to music
  5. Recalling past parties/fun times
  6. Hobbies (collections, crafts, etc)
  7. Spending an evening with good friends
  8. Eating favorite foods
  9. Repairing things around the house/refinishing furniture
  10. Working on my car (bicycle)
  11. Taking care of plants/gardening
  12. Going swimming
  13. Exercise: gym, jogging, walking, dancing, etc.
  14. Planning a party, going to a party
  15. Playing golf, tennis, basketball, other sports
  16. Flying kites
  17. Having family get-togethers
  18. Riding a motorbike
  19. Sex
  20. Going camping
  21. Singing around the house
  22. Arranging flowers
  23. Going to church, praying (practising religion)
  24. Ice skating, roller skating/blading
  25. Sailing
  26. Travelling abroad, or to new places
  27. Sketching, painting
  28. Doing something spontaneously
  29. Birdwatching
  30. Singing with groups
  31. Playing musical instruments
  32. Doing arts and crafts
  33. Making a gift for someone
  34. Cooking, baking
  35. Hiking or walking out in nature: forest, river, beach, etc
  36. Eating out
  37. Sightseeing
  38. Going to the beauty salon
  39. Early morning coffee and newspaper
  40. Kissing someone I love
  41. Watching my children play
  42. Going to plays and concerts
  43. Taking classes or courses in a new subject
  44. Playing with a kitten or puppy
  45. Going bike riding
  46. Going to a sports event
  47. Photography
  48. Going fishing
  49. Staying on a diet/losing weight
  50. Star gazing
  51. Writing: letters, stories, memoirs, etc.
  52. Taking children places
  53. Dancing
  54. Going on a picnic
  55. Meditating
  56. Remembering happy moments in my childhood
  57. Playing cards
  58. Having a political discussion
  59. Looking at or showing photos or slides
  60. Doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, etc.
  61. Dressing up and looking nice
  62. Going to museums, art galleries
  63. Lighting candles or incence
  64. Having coffee at a cafe
  65. Getting/giving a massage
  66. Saying “I love you” to someone special
  67. Going to the library, reading good books
  68. Going to a spa, or sauna
  69. Going canoeing or white-water rafting
  70. Going bowling
  71. Doing woodworking
  72. Having an aquarium, watching fish
  73. Erotica (sex books, movies)
  74. Going horseback riding
  75. Becoming active in the community
  76. Making jigsaw puzzles
  77. Playing with my pets
  78. Having a barbecue
  79. Rearranging the furniture in my house
  80. Going window shopping